Mama Eat is the first restaurant with a menu for celiacs! Who has this problem knows how difficult it is to go with friends in one place for an evening spent in the company and be able to freely order from the menu what you preferisce.Ma because feeling out of place or uncomfortable or even give up the pleasure of a pizza with friends when you can enjoy a gluten-free product, in a safe way?

The need to take specific foods and the inability to attend restaurants, pizzerias and share the foods of non-celiac would result in a marginalization of celiacs and their exclusion from social life. The certificates obtained by users, by liking reached by publications in the press and towns, have been most gratifying that we could have in these years of work.

Mama Eat is recognized by AIC (Italian Celiac Association). In view of this problem, we decided to be the first in Naples to offer a varied menu for celiac and complete, leaving no scope and providing the customer with a cutting-edge food and subject to strict controls.

Here you can choose in absolute trust between pasta, meats, sandwiches, pizzas, crepes, grill, kebab, sweets and ice creams, all prepared in separate kitchens to avoid any contamination.


Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, the protein contained in certain cereals such as wheat, spelled, kamut, barley, rye, spelled and triticale. The exposure to gluten active, in the person celiac, an abnormal response of the immune system that leads to flattening of the villi lining the small intestine (villous atrophy) and interferes with the absorption of nutrients, which they are responsible .

To date the only known effective treatment, which guarantees the celiac a perfect state of health, is a lifelong gluten-free diet. This means having to use products dietoterapici in substitution of some of the most common foods (bread, pasta, biscuits and pizza), but also take care to eliminate the smallest traces of contamination from dishes, with all the difficulties that involves.

For this reason, in our restaurant, we decided to organize a second kitchen to adequate food and hygiene regulations necessary to ensure that the gluten-free products are not contaminated during preparation.

Celiac disease, also, is often associated with other food allergies, including the most common is lactose intolerance. This makes it even more difficult to find products that meet the needs of those affected. It is precisely to meet the needs of all those who attend our local we offer not only a chance to eat gluten-free, but also a wide choice of products without lactose: from appetizers to desserts. Always with a view to “pamper” our customers, we have chosen to use only natural flours, in response to those you serve instead of products rich in chemical additives and with a high fat content. For our bodies use a mix created especially for us and composed solely deglutinata flour and rice flour, with which we also produce the yeast.

From MAMA EAT can then find fresh, genuine and natural, for everyone, that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

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